About Beth Gibbeson

About Beth Gibbeson

Beth Gibbeson, Melbourne Artist, Woman abstract Australian artist, Asuatralian Painter, Beth Gibbeson at work, Beth Gibbeson painting

Beth is an artist based in Melbourne working across a range of media including painting, illustration and photography. Beth draws much of her inspiration from her immediate landscape and surrounds. Beth's paintings are multi layered constructions of her interpretation and emotional response to her environment. 

'I am constantly reconstructing and re configuring the shapes and forms, light and colour around me.I like to break it up. I begin with a complex drawing and work it down to a raw state. My emotional response is depicted through my work of lines, layers, blending and colours.'

Beth grew up in Gippsland, Egypt and Melbourne. Her love of art came at an early age inspired by the beauty of the Australian landscape. She often spent her time exploring and deliberately getting lost in the beauty of the country, loving the local stock yards, creeks, open expanses of grassland, dirt tracks that lead to wondrous places. 

Moving abroad to Egypt as a young teenager propelled Beth to continue to explore her surrounds with a deeper appreciation of colour, texture, shapes and beauty of culture. Her family traveled extensively whilst living overseas where she gained a love for design, architecture, and history.

Having completed a Bachelors and Honours Degree in Fine Arts Painting at RMIT (1997-2000) Beth went on to further gain a Diploma in Interior Design at RMIT (2002-2003) as well as a Diploma in Education at The University of Melbourne (2005-2006). Beth's artwork has featured in several exhibitions across Melbourne as well as been part of selected shows in London and New York. Beth has been a finalist in the Percival Photographic Portrait Prize as well as the Clifton's Art Prize.